Meet-Work-Visit GoBright technology in the office

Create availability at the office.

Activity-based working, agile, scrum… more and more organisations are adopting new ways of working. All you need to be able to work from anywhere is a laptop and internet access, which radically transforms the traditional use of the office. All sorts of challenges emerge if this is not taken into account: searches for a free desk, unnecessarily occupied workstations, ‘missing’ colleagues, overbooked meeting rooms with the necessary no-shows, etc.

Today’s employees want to organise meetings independently, reserve a room or workplace immediately and send out invitations easily. They want flexible workstations to have optimum availability and hate having to claim desks. Their guests should not have to wait too long and must be able to reach their destination quickly.


 In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact on ‘working in the office’. How do we deal with the number of people in the office? In the building as a whole, but also in the meeting rooms, the reception area and the workplace. How do we ensure that employees can maintain sufficient distance from their colleagues? How can employees be sure that there is a desk available for them? How do we ensure a safe and hygienic workplace?


Meet-Work-Visit-View by our partner GoBright meets these needs. We create availability and support for employees with several accessible concepts: Meet, Work, Visit & View. This way, they can go about their work intelligently, comfortably and efficiently. Giving your organisation a head start in the War for Talent while saving costs and energy.


Technology makes it possible,

GoBright makes it available.


Check the availability of a meeting room in the blink of an eye and make a reservation within seconds. GoBright Room Booking offers various ways of booking a meeting room: the online platform, Outlook, the touchscreen by the meeting room itself and the Smart App. GoBright Room Booking is highly effective in optimising the use of all your spaces. Searching for a meeting room, unnecessary vacancy, interrupted meetings and double bookings are a thing of the past.

  • Online Portal
    All functionalities in a clear and user-friendly platform.
  • Social Distancing
    Ensure social distancing to keep your employees safe by limiting the capacity of your meeting rooms.
  • Integrations
    Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google, Active Directory and FMIS systems.
  • Smart App
    The Smart App is the ultimate addition to the system by offering you a personal mobile meeting assistant. Search, find and book a space with your smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want to. The app will send you a notification when your slot is about to expire so you can extend your booking there and then if necessary.
  • Clear analysis
    Different timelines, no-shows and occupancy statistics.
  • Multiple languages
    In English and Dutch by default. Other languages by request.
  • Easy installation
    No complex software installation needed, operational within a day.
  • Trendy display
    Fits in any room, easy to mount to walls and window panes alike.
  • 2 Free skins
    Two different skins can be used for display on the screen
  • Extra: Wayfinding, the guide through your building
    Implement the Wayfinding module to show the current occupancy of your spaces in a single overview, visualise the direction of the meeting rooms and display what meetings are scheduled. Allowing your visitors and employees to find their way around the building with ease. You can also use this option to organise one-way traffic throughout your building.
  • Extra: Catering & services
    Coffee, tea and water are a welcome addition to a meeting. Or nutritious sandwiches for lunch. Perhaps you need a wireless audio set? the Catering & Services module allows for all catering & peripheral equipment
    to be booked before, during and after the meeting.
  • Extra: Room detection
    Room detection makes the Room Booking software even more intelligent. A smart sensor detects motion. If no activity is detected within a certain period of time, the booking can be cancelled. In fact, automatic occupancy detection renders the whole process of booking a room obsolete.
  • Extra: GoBright Control
    GoBright Control limits the need to touch remote controls and displays for presentations. Thanks to the sensor, no physical actions are necessary. Lights and the presentation display switch on automatically several minutes before the meeting begins.


                      Flexible workstations become personal. Check the occupancy status of workstations at a glance and book one within seconds. Simply sign in with your personal NFC card or compatible smartphone. The desk will adjust to your personal seat or standing height immediately. And if you are out of the office, the smart app allows you to book a workstation at any time and wherever you are.

                      • Occupancy
                        Visible occupancy status and automatic occupancy detection. To guarantee the availability of a workstation and manage how many people are at the office. Example: no booking = no access...
                        If you are looking for a quick solution for your occupancy measurements, we also offer NFC stickers!
                      • Hygienic workstations
                        GoBright's software even assists with your cleaning policy. As soon as an employee leaves a desk, it will light up in purple. The purple ‘needs cleaning’ status is your cleaning crew’s cue to clean the desk. Once this is done, the workstation is ready to be booked by the next employee. A great way to ensure that everyone has a hygienic and safe desk at their disposal at all times.
                      • Integrations
                        Active Directory and Google.
                      • Smart App
                        The Smart App is the ultimate addition to the system. It is your personal mobile assistant. Search, find and book a workstation with your smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want to. Even before heading out to the office! The big advantage is that you know in advance whether a safe workstation is available.
                      • Clear analysis
                        Different timelines, no-shows and occupancy statistics.
                      • Easy sign-in
                        Easy sign-in for immediate booking and findability.
                      • Personal settings
                        Automatic adjustment to personal height settings.
                      • Optimal connectivity
                        Desk Connect uses the ZigBee protocol to keep your wi-fi optimised.
                      • Applicable anywhere
                        Easy to install at every workstation. Mostly used at Pami’s sit-stand workstations UP, UP and UP Slim
                      • Extra: Team booking
                        In today’s hybrid and activities-based work environment, it can prove a challenge to find a place and time to get together as a team. Our new Team Booking functionality allows you to schedule your gathering and work in a hybrid work situation.
                      • Extra: Smart Lockers
                        In addition to having their own workstation, employees need a locker to store their things. But having a locker on the first floor while working on the third floor that day is not very convenient. Wouldn’t it be practical if they could book a workstation, meeting room and locker all at the same time using one and the same system? This is precisely why GoBright joined forces with Vecos, a market leader in the delivery and implementation of Smart Locker Technology. Thanks to our partners GoBright and Vecos, we can offer the best of both worlds: a smart office solution for room booking, desk booking, locker management and visitor registration. Centrally organised in the GoBright platform. 
                      • Extra: Mapping
                        Mapping visualises the floors of your building(s). An interactive map with an overview of all available, booked and occupied workstations and rooms. Mapping also allows you to make a booking on the touchscreen or find out what desk a certain colleague is working at.
                      • Extra: Desk Glow
                        Green, red, blue... it’s really that simple. Desk Glow gives you an overview of available, booked and occupied workstations and indicates who does not wish to be disturbed. Desk Glow is perfect for offices with workstations separated by acoustic partition walls.
                      • Extra: Desk Detection
                        Desk Detection makes the system even more intelligent. A smart sensor detects the presence of an employee at a workstation. If no activity is detected within a certain period of time, the booking can be cancelled and the workstation is released. Automatic occupancy detection even renders direct booking obsolete.


                                                Digital self-registration ensures professional and modern registration of visitors in full compliance with GDPR legislation. This allows your receptionists to focus on their core tasks and even enables unmanned reception counters. Once registered, your employee receives an email (or SMS) alerting them of their guest’s arrival at the reception hall. The software displays a real-time overview of who is or has been in the building. In addition, it ensures that the organisation meets the EU’s GDPR requirements for visitor registration.

                                                • Intuitive interface
                                                  Easy registration in just a couple of steps.
                                                • GDPR-compliant
                                                  Meets the privacy requirements set out in GDPR legislation.
                                                • Unburden the receptionist
                                                  The receptionist is able to focus on their core tasks and can take on more of a host or hostess-type role.
                                                • Visitor pre-registration
                                                  The digital reception module offers visitors contactless registration via a QR code.
                                                • Company restaurants
                                                  This QR code-based system can also be used to manage access to your company restaurant with time windows for employees and visitors alike.
                                                • Overview
                                                  A real-time, online secured overview of who is or was in the building.
                                                • Immediate email or SMS
                                                  Quicker availability of the host thanks to an immediate SMS or email notification.
                                                • Custom branding
                                                  The logo, colours, copy and entry fields can be tailored to the style of your company.
                                                • Various integrations
                                                  Active Directory and the Room Booking system.
                                                • Multiple languages
                                                  Available in English and Dutch by default. Other languages by request.
                                                • Extra: Badge Printing
                                                  Increases the visibility of your visitors in the building with a professional badge. Print the badges with your own design, corporate logo and colours. After a visit, it is very easy to check in the next time around by scanning the QR code on the badge.


                                                                        GoBright View is a well-rounded, cloud-based Digital Signage solution. User-friendly, intuitive and designed based on the latest insights. GoBright View can be used for general applications such as communication, advertising and current weather and traffic information as well as for specific data needs such planning, sales figures, dashboards and KPIs.