Lockers for storage in the office

Storage solutions from lockers to sliding door cabinets.

Your nine-to-five physical presence at the office is no longer required. After all, work can be done from anywhere. Flexibly. Detached from time and place. First and foremost, the company is a meeting place. But where to store one’s things in the absence of a permanent workstation?

More and more offices are starting to install lockers. This may remind you of the hallways at American high schools etched in our collective memory by many a film. Luckily, those days are far behind us! Old-fashioned lockers have been replaced by modern alternatives and our interior architects will ensure flawless integration into your (office) interior. Crisp colours, flexible dimensions, contemporary materials and all kinds of options (mail partitions, power supply, etc.) are available. Safety is guaranteed thanks to a high-end locking system, card reader or even via the smartphone. Made-to-measure avant la letter!

We also offer a fitting solution in robust steel for your more sizeable products such as dressing rooms. Practical and top of the line. 

In addition to these personal storage solutions, Pami’s filing cabinets with roller shutters, sliding doors or revolving doors continue to find their way into the office. Ring binders or suspension files may be a thing of the past to some but for others, they will always be quick, practical and organised storage systems. After all, a neatly organised office will always benefit your organisation.

Pami's stylish designer cabinets also double as great semi-high or high partition walls in office landscapes. This advantage can be amplified by using materials that considerably improve the acoustic comfort in those office spaces.

Are you on the market for a cloakroom cabinet, a table-level printer cabinet or other specific storage solutions? Be sure to take a look at our products. Or get in touch for made-to-measure lockers and storage systems. We are happy to help.