Ergonomics for IT.

Onminet is one of the leading technology companies in Europe and Russia. Their product, Omnitracker, is a flexible Business Process Management solution with extensive and integrated functionalities. It allows for various processes to be administered within a single integrated platform. Such as IT Service Management, Project Management, Facility Management, Document Management, Sales Management etc. It allows the user to work in an automated and systematic way while integrating these processes.

Everyone is well-aware of the ‘War for Talent’ in the IT sector by now. In order to up their game, they decided to call on Pami for the interior design of their new office in Leuven. Of course, ergonomics was one of the focal points for their IT staff. Hence the choice for Pami UP sit-stand desks with Dataflex Viewlite monitor arms and Wilkhahn IN office chairs. Anything to keep the team in top shape all day long!