A tailored sustainable story

Do you know what we at Pami are good at? Listening. To you. Why? Because no two corporate cultures are the same which means that a standard office interior does not exist by definition.

This is why Pami always departs from your specific story. Based on which we design a custom workspace. With ingredients from our own kitchen as well as our partners’, seamlessly integrated into an efficient composition. A motivating work climate that puts your staff first. An inspiring environment where they can work (together) productively.

We coordinate the project for you from the first sketch right up to the final screw while making sure that your new office environment will pass any sustainability test with flying colours. So that you and your company can continue to operate in a socially responsible way.

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Attention for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been growing exponentially in the past years both in society as a whole and in the public sector. Pami did not sit and wait around for this development to occur, quite the contrary.

Circular workspace design Pami


Fact: the economy will either be circular or it won't exist at all! After all, our raw materials are limited and we only have one earth. If we want to fundamentally change our idea about raw materials and their use, our starting point must be the only raw material which is not finite: human ingenuity. The circular economy begins with the right mind-set.

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Have you heard of the “Waste hierarchy”? It is an order of priority for actions necessary to reduce the amount of waste and improve general waste management processes.