Working at home

Ergonomic home office

Working at home with Workspace One: The first truly ergonomic home office.

WorkSpace One by Pami unites all the features that transform a table into a real home office. Our very own unique design meets all (health and safety) regulations for working at home and allows you to operate just as professionally and efficiently at home as you would in the office. In total comfort and ergonomically sound.

Adjustable worktop

The WorkSpace One worktop can be adjusted in height (manually or electrically) and in depth. To ensure ergonomically optimal conditions at your home office.

Integrated light and audio

Integrated LED lights illuminate your worktop with appropriate, comfortable lighting while the soft but crisp sound of your favourite music from the integrated Bluetooth speakers increases your focus and productivity.


You can add a highly personal touch to your WorkSpace One ranging from a simple graphic motif or a colourful photo to a functional acoustic panel. Or why not add an original print with your corporate logo to extend the team spirit into the home office?


The integrated display at eye level guarantees an optimal working posture.

Intended as a second display to complement your laptop, it can be used on its own just as well.

Temporary (flexible) workstation

Workspace One is a multi-purpose product. A perfect touchdown workstation to offer visitors a comfortable place to work while they wait for their appointment. And because they close the lid before leaving, everything stays tidy at all times.

Fits any interior

Due to its timeless, sleek design and no less than five colour combinations to choose from, this home office by Pami fits any interior. Which makes designing your home office that much easier.

Closed 160 cm (W) x 50 cm (D)

Open 160 cm (W) x 72 cm (D)

Height 65 - 87 cm

Tidy at all times

No more tangled cables and connections in or around your home office. Those are neatly concealed in the frame of your WorkSpace One. For your smaller office accessories, the desk has a nifty pen tray. And when your work is done, simply close the lid to keep your home office tidy and discreet at all times.

Extra power sockets

It is always a good idea to have an extra power socket or USB port at hand. This is why we decided to install two of each for extra comfort.

Plug & Play

WorkSpace One is delivered ready to use. Unwrap it, plug in the power cable, configure your ideal working height and you’re all good to go.

Charge your smartphone at lightning speed with the powerful QI charging station.


As every year, the Paris-based Génie des Lieux presented the latest edition of their guide at the end of November '16: le Guide Genie des Lieux 2017: best practices on productivity and well-being in office environments.


Their new concept, Genie The Lab, focuses on new ways of working and the products that anticipate these developments. In this category, WorkSpace One was awarded the “coup de cœur du jury des produits innovants de l’année 2016-2017”, their annual innovation award granted by the jury.

Working at home - curse or blessing?

Working at home is hot. Nobody will dispute that. And if done well, it offers benefits to employee and employer alike. One of the main advantages for a company is that it makes for a considerable cost savings in terms of their office interior. After all, providing a professional home office is a lot more cost effective than installing a workstation at the office. Especially considering the average occupancy of just 40 to 60%. But there is more.