Pami service

At Pami, our customers’ confidence in us is our highest priority. You can be assured that we will treat your order with the utmost care, with an eye for detail, durability and outstanding quality. Should you nevertheless have a question about service, delivery or scheduling, our staff will be happy to help.


Call +32 11 710 419, send an email to or complete our service form.

Scheduling and deliveries

Call us on +32 11 800 711 or send us an email at

Service request form

You can use our service request form to conveniently make your request online. Our service department will get in touch with you within two working days.


To serve you quickly and efficiently, we kindly ask you to fill in the form as completely as possible.

A few tips: Please state the order number to which your request relates. - Provide a detailed description. Include location details (e.g. address, building, floor, room). - Add photos for clarification. A photo of the warranty sticker is also a big help.

Your service request


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