Audiovisual solution for the office

Audiovisual facilities for presentation, information and operation

No more offices or work environments without state-of-the-art audiovisual facilities. You may be thinking of seamlessly integrated information screens in the reception hall, wirelessly operated presentation screens or video conferencing facilities in meeting rooms. Feel free to think more broadly though.

Don’t hesitate to pick our account managers’ brains about ways to make it easy for employees to find a free workstation near a colleague, for example. Or to allow a project team to find and book an available meeting room there and then.

Intuitive touchscreen applications near the entrance of your buildings or floors offer an endless range of solutions to make the administration and utilisation of your business or commercial spaces more efficient. Employees see the availability of workstations and meeting rooms in real time while controlling light and temperature inside those spaces becomes as easy as pie.

Strategically placed information screens or projectors are perfect for disseminating your internal communication quickly and efficiently or for creating a pleasant atmosphere and professional ambience at your company.