About us

Pami designs office concepts and realises inspiring work environments. We have been doing this for over 65 years.  By creating functional and innovative work environments, our clients up their performance.

Are you facing the challenge of attracting new talent or do you want to give valuable employees an extra boost?

Are you determined to enhance your organisation with a creative and stimulating work atmosphere?

Pami designs the perfect work environment tailored to your company. Motivating for your employees, good for your results and beneficial for the atmosphere.

How we do it? With contemporary furniture. Made-to-measure. With innovative solutions and smart designs. Thoughtful and sustainable.

Together with you, at the work table. And above all: with passion and excellent craftsmanship.

We love our work.

And we hope that you do too.

Pami's vision

As a leading designer and manufacturer, Pami supplies high-quality office furniture at competitive prices. Pami continuously invests in product development and in ergonomic, contemporary design that meets the highest standards. Our customers can rely on far-reaching flexibility and a high level of service. We pay particular attention to corporate social responsibility: taking people, planet & prosperity into consideration in everything we do.

Pami’s mission

We love to create inspiring and exciting workplaces that improve job satisfaction and work efficiency.

The largest independent manufacturer of office furniture in Belgium

We are proud to look back at over 65 years of experience. Together with our professionals, we go all out with high-quality work delivered every day. And we look forward to the new challenges in our future.

Quality is an obsession

The products we make are durable, high quality and finished to the finest detail. What’s more, they meet the strictest environmental and ergonomic standards. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates guarantee top-level quality assurance and environmental care.

No job is too big or too small

By combining our own extensive product range with strong preferred suppliers, we manage to create innovative office concepts time and again.

To create offices is to understand people

Pami does more than designing office spaces alone. By designing ourselves, we create an environment tailored to your unique corporate culture. Structurally and aesthetically, original and ergonomic. After all, it is where your employees have to be the best they can be every day! Our interior architects draw inspiration from your ambitions. Working with you to find the perfect solution with an impact on productivity, creativity and collaboration.

We invest in sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainability plays an important role in Pami’s continued growth. In every action, every decision and every plan, we consider the People, Planet and Prosperity. With good management and attention to innovation, we develop environmentally friendly and sustainable products with an eye for quality while offering our clients sustainable and motivating solutions for their staff.


Each and every client deserves our undivided attention. Large or small, local or international, we maintain our personal and familial approach. From the very first conversation all the way to final delivery. We honour our agreements and meet your expectations.