In good hands

Bewel is a sheltered workplace, and with 2,200 employees, one of the largest employers in Limburg.


"Our mission is to employ and develop people distanced from the labour market," says Johan Bongaerts, Managing Director. “Our previous office was dated and had poor energy values, which was no longer in line with our company's commitment to sustainability. This created the demand for a new office building.”


In the new office building collaboration was the focal point. "We felt it was important that everyone was on board at the start of the project, and that we involved all employees," states Johan. The building is divided into anchor zones North and South. Each anchor zone has its own offices, open and closed cockpits. " We also chose to have a kitchen on both floors because we wanted to encourage interaction between the various departments.", says Filip Boelen, Construction Project Manager. 


Within the project two values played a prominent role: accessibility and ergonomics. With a selection from our own product range and made-to-measure products, Pami was able to respond to these requirements. Filip Boelen explains, "The open cockpits included in the wish list are wheelchair accessible. The height of all our desks can be adjusted electrically, which, of course, also addresses our ergonomic needs perfectly.” 


“The collaboration with Pami went very smoothly. Everything was delivered by the set deadline. Any comments we had were always followed up very quickly. I would definitely recommend Pami. It was clear to us that they perfectly understood our needs.”, concludes Filip Boelen.



Project photos