Workplace lighting is a task for specialists.

Nothing beats daylight. Equally distributed from above if possible or entering through windows on the north side of the building. But more often than not, these conditions are not realistic when it comes to providing most workstations with perfect lighting.

This is why Pami recommends to conduct a light study in collaboration with our specialised lighting partners. In addition to the three well-described zones - work area, direct surroundings and background - the study focuses on


  • general visual comfort
  • the desired or necessary illumination
  • the uniformity of light distribution
  • elimination of glare
  • optimal colour perception

Each of these conditions is tuned to the tasks to be carried out under the light.

Of course, ecological factors play a decisive role in drafting your light plan as well. The ratio between power consumption and light yield as well as the sustainability of the lighting equipment are analysed in great detail.