Corporate Social Responsibility

People, planet and prosperity

Attention for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been growing exponentially in the past years both in society as a whole and in the public sector. Pami did not sit and wait around for this development to occur, quite the contrary.

Since as far back as 2013, Pami has been the only Belgian company in its industry with a CSR Performance ladder certificate.

As a family-run SME, we took our responsibility for people, planet and prosperity long before any legal requirements take effect in this area.

For Pami, being conscious of the impact of our activities on people, the environment and business operations is far from a hollow conceptor slogan. It is the future. In addition to our CSR certificate issued by Kiwa, this is also objectively and measurably demonstrated by our Sustainability report.

CSR Performance ladder

Download our CSR certificate.


Thanks to efficient utilisation of our machinery and considerable investments in relighting, frequency-controlled dust extraction and high-efficiency motors, Pami managed to consistently reduce its power consumption since 2006. Despite a growth in revenue of 120% during the same period.

Our total electricity consumption dropped by 43.5% in fifteen years and our consumption per €100 of revenue by no less than 62%!

And of the 1.16 MKWh of electricity consumedin 2021, we produced a whopping one third with our own solar panels.

Natural gas

When it comes to natural gas, we see the same consistent reduction contrary to what one might expect based on the growth of the company.

Business process optimisation and improved heating control in the offices account for much of the difference.

This reduced consumption automatically leads to reduced emissions which are always kept below the legally permitted values. It is in our nature to perform better than what is strictly required which goes for this domain as well.


This spectacular drop in power and gas consumption reduced our CO2 emissions by over 40% in the past fifteen years.

To reduce our CO2 emission even further, we are currently focusing on continued optimisation of processes under our control, which means we are able to structurally improve them ourselves.

It is our aspiration to become CO2 neutral by 2026.

Process water

Over the years, we managed to optimise our production processes such that we now need a mere one third of the process water we used to consume back in 2006.

The basis for this lies in our sophisticated degreasing installation.

After degreasing, the water used in that installation is filtered and systematically reused. The small residual waste water stream from the degreasing procedure is not dumped but disposed of by a recognised processing party instead. As a result, Pami has been officially recognised as a ‘zero discharger’ of process water.


We reduced our cardboard consumption by 76% in fifteen years. In addition, all of the 9,8 tonnes of cardboard we still use every year consists of 100% recycled material.

Pami mostly uses cardboard as packaging and protective material. It allows us to deliver our goods to the client undamaged and in a clean way. All cardboard used for this purpose is taken back, sorted and reused by our assembly team.


Conscious product development allowed us to reduce our consumption of plastics dramatically in the past years.

In addition, all of the plastics we do use are 100% recyclable.

Sustainable forest management

Since 2011, our forest management system carries the PEFC label (Programme for Endorsement of ForestCertification).

Thanks to this certificate, we are now able to offer our clients wood products from sustainably managed forests at no extra cost.

PEFC respects and supports globally, internationally agreed procedures for certification and sustainable forestry. The control of these procedures is handled by independent organisations.


Thanks to the use of high-end, highquality materials, our products have an extremely long lifespan on top of being 100% recyclable.

At the end of the life cycle, Pami commits to taking back its products for recycling.

Ethical Entrepreneurship

Sincere pursuit of a just, peaceful and inclusive society is also a cornerstone of corporate social responsibility.

Which is why we subscribe to all seventeen of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Because we hold ethics in very high regard, Goal number16, 'Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions' receives our special attention.

For example, we require all our suppliers to uphold the human rights described by the UN as well as observe an anticorruption policy. All our employees and suppliers have declared to agree with this principle.

Pami - ISO 14001 - ISO 9001 - UKAS

ISO 14001 certificate

Pami was the first in the Belgian sector to obtain the ISO 14001 certificate back in 2003. The ultimate proof that our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment on a continuous basis is deeply rooted in our genes.


Every year, we account for our actions as an enterprise in our sustainability report. In addition to subjects such as the environment, energy performance, consumption of raw materials and safety, it also addresses our special focus on trade ethics. The wellbeing of our employees is our top priority in that regard, followed immediately by our integrity and social responsibility as a company.

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