Today's office life is characterised by working from home, satellite offices, flexible workstations, remote collaboration, etc. Clearly, the traditional workspace cannot accommodate these flexibility needs. The i.work module offers a perfect balance between separation and interaction, concentration and communication, focus and mobility.  Contemporary design and a perfect finish are part of the concept and will add an aesthetic touch to your office. Each i.work element is height-adjustable and you can choose between 2, 4, 6 and even more sections to suit your needs. Thanks to the recessed legs in a characteristic H-shape, the entire desktop is at your disposal. Furthermore, the table features an opening of 6 cm along its entire length where cables can be neatly concealed. For additional visual and acoustic privacy, you can install partitions on the i.work as well as add a truly personal touch with several multifunctional accessories.

Download the product sheet here